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spring. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this early thursday morning. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. good morning. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the latest on what is a cold forecast after a beautiful afternoon yesterday. >> sister there was perfect, considering it is early march. it was in the low to mid 60's yesterday with sunshine. today it will be a lot colder. we are feeling the effects already. 25 in upper marlborough, 28 in currently. alread the wind chills are in the teens and 20's. temperatures in the 20's, a cold start, clear skies, sunshine, near 40 this afternoon.
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low 40's locally and maybe upper 30's in outlying areas. tomorrow will be a little warmer, near 50, which is average for this time of year. by sunday, a widespread area of rain. around the beltway looks good. no problems on 95, 66, the greenway, the toll road, 270, 70, baltimore-washington parkway. route 4 and about five, giving you the all clear on 210. normal service systemwide on metro rail. this is video of alexandria. look at the size of this water main break. the water is gushing down the street. edsall road is closed in each direction between van dorn street and pickett street because of this. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, taking hazing too far in college park seven
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sorority sisters from the university of maryland are facing assault charges accused of attacking pledges. >> the school has suspended new member activity at three fraternities. brianne carter has the latest from college park. >> at the university of maryland in college park, seven sorority sisters phase hazing and assault charges. from october 15 through 18, students pledging zeta phi beta claimed that she was attacked by current or former members of the organization at an off-campus apartment. >> they feel they have to beat you down to build you up and that is ridiculous. >> the pledge was pushed into a wall and thrown around and was punched, and choked, and struck repeatedly on the buttocks with a paddle. if she was told it was part of initiation. members of other sororities at university are shocked.
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>> it does not build up your chapter. it tears down. the boy pulled from a burning building in northeast d.c. is in critical condition. it broke around 8:30 last night in the 1700 block ups benning. he was trapped in the first floor apartment. a woman was also burned and suffered smoke inhalation. several families of been displaced. president obama has signed a bill that averts a government shut down for now. the big spending bill includes $4 billion in budget cuts. a longer-term funding bill, the talks on that could begin today. republicans say it must include deeper spending cuts. the supreme court says protests by the can district
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outside military funerals are protected by the first amendment. yesterday the justices sided twist the baptist church. the church pickets military funerals with a message that it is god's punishment for the nation's tolerance of gay people. the soldier accused of giving thousands of classified documents to the wikileaks website faces new charges. the army file 22 new counts against private bradley manning, including aiding the enemy. there's a death penalty carried with that. prosecutors say that they will not recommend that. a gunman opened fire on u.s. troops have at the airport in frankfurt, germany. two endive and two others wounded. >> a man from kosovo is in custody. president obama dollars to get justice. emily schmidt has more on this. >> good morning.
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we are still waiting to learn the names of those two killed in yesterday's attack. a military says they were about to be deployed to help oversee -- for support in an overseas mission. the attack happened just outside the international terminal in frankfurt. a dozen enforce security personnel had arrived on their way to the u.s. base in germany. law enforcement says the alleged gunman walked up to their bus, began arguing, pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shouted the arabic words for "to god is great." two air and were dead and two others wounded. the emigre and the the man while outcontinued to shell ou "jihad." we are told he is a devout muslim. his relatives in kosovo cannot
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imagine this happened. they say that americans are their brothers. president obama made an unexpected appearance today the white house press briefing to express his outrage about the attack. he says that he will spare no effort in learning how it took place. this morning, german authorities say will continue this investigation to receive this shooting could be connected to a larger terror plot. reporting from northwest, emily schmidt. back to you. >> thank you. a humanitarian crisis is unfolding as libyans leave the intense fighting in their homeland. the united nations says 250,000 libyans and a platoon of tunisia and egypt. rebels and forces loyal to libyan leader muammar gaddafi continue battling for an oil town in the eastern part of the country. gaddafi warned u.s. and nato not to get involved. thursday morning, a chilly
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28 degrees. >> still to come, and nfl block out. the players and the owners have less than 24 hours to reach a deal. >> only on seven, a spending spree on the taxpayers' dime. he says no way. another cold day before a weekend
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welcome back. thursday morning, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey has more. we are on a roller-coaster ride and we are on the downside of it. >> that's right. marge always has big temperature swings. we were in the low to mid 50's yesterday. today we will reach about 40 degrees this afternoon. near 60 on the weekend. we will have active weather on the weekend. clear skies over now. no clouds to speak of at this time. there will be increasing clouds by the weekend. a beautiful workweek. 28 in the district by now, 19 in frederick, 28 in quantico, at the freezing mark in lexington park. when you factor in the wind, it feels like we are in the teens periodically.
5:11 am
highs around 42 this afternoon, 10 degrees below average with mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy tomorrow, a little warmer, near average, around 50. and the train moves in by sunday. how's that water main break in alexandria? it is a mess. edsall road between van dorn street and pickett is closed. a sizable water main break. in our next report we will show you pictures. let's show you traffic on 395 @ edsall road. that is running smoothly leaving the beltway heading towards duke street. and in maryland we showed the approach out of frederick into "montgomery county comments". closest to us is southbound traffic moving nicely in hyattstown. back to you. >> thank you. it's 38 degrees on this thursday. >> and website keeps fans love thursday. >> and website keeps fans love the -- keeps fans plugged in
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welcome back. 5:13. university of maryland and pair of allegedallege hazing scandals. if the school has suspended pledged activities at three fraternities pending an investigation of one woman being consulted. the man accused outcome killing two u.s. air and in frankfurt, germany, will be in court today. two em and were wounded. the navy will release the results of an investigation into raunchy videos produced and broadcast on the uss enterprise. commander was removed after the navy learned about the video from news reports.
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the president of the university of the district heights back. allen sessoms is accused of lavish trips at taxpayer expense, but he says he has done nothing wrong. ben eisler is outside the college's northwest campus. >> good morning. recent television reports accuse him of making excessive purchases on the university's dime. they include first-class flights to boston, san antonio, and in a thousand dollars trip to egypt. a grand house, a lincoln navigator driven by a chauffeur. he says that he's done nothing wrong. he says the travel to egypt is necessary because the university has a grant to there and that he has to fly first class because of a condition. this is part of his defense. >> everything i do is above board. everything is clear. there's no fancy anything. >> folks are still fairly upset,
5:16 am
and given the aging infrastructure of this university, the struggling financially program. dr. allen sessoms will address the issues in front of the city council next week. reporting live from northwest, ben eisler, abc 7. now some other news from the region, d.c. mayor vincent gray is hiring a political appointee to undergo additional background checks. this follows revelations that some members of his administration had some legal troubles. this office says more checks are necessary because the vetting process did not address all relevant issues and questions. two maryland delegates that skipped a committee meeting on the votes to legalize gay ay that now they are ready. both say that now they are ready to vote. the house committee has not scheduled a new vote at this stage.
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the royal wedding website, a closer look at the second- generation ipad, as well. >> the wait is finally over. apple ceo steve jobs took to the stage wednesday to unveil it. the device is thinner, faster, and lighter than the original. consumers will welcome the new edition. >> my favorite improvement of the new ipad is the camera. now people can use face time and skype. they delivered. >> it goes on sale next friday. prices are the same as the original, starting at $500. royal wedding watchers have a new way to get the latest details. the palace has launched an official website that features exclusive content. for those traveling to london for the wedding, website peters
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linked important inspiration for visitors. i am peggy bunker. yesterday we saw some kids at the library of congress and michelle obama was reading to them. the children at one charter school had been reading. they were third graders and there were so attentive. we had a good time. our technical director jared was giving us a tough time for reading them this book because they are in third grade. they are paying close attention. >> you did a good job reading that. >> they were great and they had a lot of good questions. the best question they asked was whether i like to read and i said, yes. that if i cannot read i would have a tough time doing the job that i do. >> dr. seuss can be a tongue twister. >> you cannot go wrong with that.
5:19 am
>> what do we have in the weather? is it up or down? >> it is down. tomorrow it will be back up and back up on the weekend. temperatures will be good for the weekend, but there is beneficial rain on the way this weekend. that's on sunday. let's look at temperatures. it is cold when you factor in the wind. it feels like 14 right now in germantown. it feels like 15 in herndon. it feels like 19 in bowie. it is like another winter morning out there compared with yesterday. 23 in leesburg, 26 in chevy chase, 28 in la plata. a few scenes year and there. 18 in berkeley springs, west virginia. strasburg, virginia @ 15 degrees. these are the wind chills, the feels like temperature. a little breezy. you will notice that periodically when the wind still
5:20 am
dips into the teens or early this morning. 64 was the high temperature at reagan national yesterday. it's march and we had a strong cold front yesterday. that is why our temperatures are a lot cooler today than yesterday. there's a northerly wind picking up to about 15 or 20 miles an hour at times, with gusts appeal 20 early this morning. and was shipped out of the east and will decrease during the day. what is breezy later on today. we have clear skies. a few clouds passed over the region. that's all. another day of sunshine, mostly sunny skies. will be 42 this afternoon. with0's near culpeper sunshine today. it will be as beautiful looking yesterday, but noticeably cooler. you will need a jacket. partly cloudy tonight, mid to
5:21 am
upper 20's. a pretty light breeze. tomorrow, the wind will shift to bump up temperatures a little, back near average. average high today is 51. we will be there by tomorrow afternoon. nearly 60 by the weekend. rainshowers on sunday. could be a pretty big smoker. main break.a water we promised you video of this in alexandria. it's a big one. alexandria, edsall road, look at the water streaming down the highway. they have a lot of repairs to between van dorn street and pickett. edsall road is closed until further notice. we will keep an eye on this and traffic throughout alexandria. you need an alternate route until further notice. back to you. >> thank you. 28 degrees outside of this cold morning, 5:21.
5:22 am
>> the terrapins might not have a chance because of their game in miami. >> today on "oprah," movie and tv mogul tyler perry speaks about being molested and the aftermath, at 4:00 on abc 7.
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♪ [ male announcer ] unrererained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. the national's are unbeaten and looking good.
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it will not be long before the boys of summer are back in d.c. tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00. the homeowner is march 31. >> it might be a positive start for them. the world champion giants come to town at the end of march and the phillies before that. >> now the rest of the morning sports with tim brant. >> the tournament became a little more clear last night. the terrapins fell to miami and lost to the hurricanes, 88-66. moseley and goes up the bucket, five-point game. hurricanes prevailed. miami beat the terrapins by 14.
5:26 am
maryland would have to win they acc tournament now to get a bid. now there's the jam. american beat colgate. the wizards lost last night against the warriors, 106-102. have a great day, everybody. fog and clouds 26. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, the countdown to the tariff blossom festival. looks beautiful. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. we made it to the 60's yesterday. back down today. we will let you know when we will see rain, coming up. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of michelle's wardrobe. you dress like a prostitute.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it does not build up your chapter anymore. its shares it down. >> initiation or assault? seven's aboard sisters under arrest, accused of abusing pledges. good morning, washington. it is thursday, march 3. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown, thanks fraction waking up with us. -- thanks for waking up with us. we begin with adam caskey in the weather center. our coats. grab r. coat >> let's look at the numbers on
5:30 am
this thursday morning. 20 in hagerstown, 19 in frederick, 28 in the district and culpeper, lexington park at the freezing mark right now. the cold start today. at or below freezing. most of us are below freezing. when you factor in the wind, it feels like we are in the teens. that's the wind chill factor. a lot of sunshine today, much colder than yesterday by 20 degrees. low 40's for afternoon highs. the northerly wind will shift out of the east later on today by 5-15. near 50 degrees tomorrow. the next chance of rain is sunday. that could be an all day smoker. now to lisa baden. we will show you video of a sizable water main break. that will affect you in alexandria. this is edsall road between van dorn street and pickett street. that will remain closed until
5:31 am
further notice. they have a lot of repairs to do to this water main. expect to find very congested streets in this already congested area. edsall road closed until further notice between van dorn street and pickett. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, allegations of hazing on the university's maryland campus. >> seven sorority sisters face assault charges. the university suspended new member activities at three fraternities as well. brianne carter has details from college park. >> at the university of maryland, seven sorority sisters face hazing and assault charges. from october 15 through 18, a student pledging zeta phi beta claimed that she was attacked by current or former members of the organization at an off-campus apartment. >> i think a lot of time we have
5:32 am
to be down to build you up in hazing and that is ridiculous. >> she was pushed into a wall and the amount and punched and was choked and struck repeatedly on the buttocks with a paddle. this was part of initiation. members of the other's abilities are shocked -- members of other sororities are shocked. >> it does not build up your sorority. a former manassas teacher is charged in several molestation cases and has a plea hearing today. he will appear in federal court in alexandria. >> he is serving a one-year sentence for molesting a student. police believe he is linked to a stream of abuse is in several states dating back over the years. the husband of a missing
5:33 am
pregnant woman has spoken with the loudoun county sheriff's office. bethany decker's husband is now cooperating with the investigation. he is not a suspect. she's five months pregnant and has a 17-month-old son currently with his grandmother. on the hill this morning, president obama signed a bill to keep the government running the double weeks. the legislation includes $4 billion in spending cuts as well. president asked joe biden to begin talks on a funding bill for the rest of the fiscal year. republicans say that bill must have deeper spending cuts. a local family targeted by westboro baptist church is speaking out about yesterday's supreme court decision. the court ruled that the third protest outside a military funeral are protected by the person amendment. their marine son was killed in afghanistan last september.
5:34 am
the church picketed his funeral at arlington national cemetery. >> he fought to the end for our freedom. that is what we should be talking about. >> he made the right decision, not always easy decision. >> they are devastated by the court's decision. the kansas church pickets military funeral, saying that the deaths are god's punishment today gays. the soldier accused of leaking classified documents to the wikileaks website. faces more website the army file 22 new counts against private bradley manning. they include aiding the enemy, which includes the death penalty. prosecutors say that they are not recommending that. he's being held at the quantico marine corps base. two u.s. airman died and two others wounded when a gunman opened fire at a german import. >> an airport worker is behind
5:35 am
bars. investigators say that he opened fire on a bus filled with members of the airforce that at the frankfurt airport. emily schmidt has the latest. >> the attack happened outside the international terminals in frankfurt. at least a dozen a force security personnel had arrived from england on their way to a u.s. base in germany. law-enforcement officials say the alleged gunman walked to their bus and began arguing and pulled out a semi-automatic weapon while scouting the arabic words for"god is great." two chairman were dead and two others wounded after the man's gun jammed. he continued shouting "jihad." the german chancellor of to do everything possible to investigate the incident. the shooter is a 21-year-old arid uka. his parents moved to germany
5:36 am
decades ago from kosovo. last night his relatives in kosovo said they could not imagine something like this could happen because they said americans are their brothers. german authorities are investigating to see if this attack is linked to a larger terrorism plot. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. president obama will meet with the mexican president at the white house. the meeting comes amid heightened tensions over violence at the u.s.-mexico border and the shooting death of a u.s. immigration official. the two will also discuss economic cooperation and immigration. 5:36, 28 degrees outside. >> still ahead, no football next season? the nfl has one day left to reach a deal. >> the cherry blossom countdown, today we will run the best chance to see the trees in full bloom. >> first, another check of
5:37 am
traffic and weather every ten minutes. [ computerized voice ] do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? [ beep ] ♪ ♪ [ beep ] [ whirring ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] when did customer service go from above and beyond to just under and short? the world seems to be moving in one direction. we decided not to follow.
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i am jane davis at the willard inter-continental hotel on pennsylvania avenue. if along with the district, we are commemorating the 150th anniversary of the civil war. join us for this event all year. good morning, washington. time for traffic and weather
5:40 am
every ten minutes on this thursday. >> adam caskey has stepped outside to tell us what it feels like on this morning. it's cold. >> and breezy. it feels like we are in the teens. air temperatures are in the 20's. we are in the 20's right now. when you factor in the wind, which picks up periodically, it feels like we are in the teens. if you are standing at the bus stop, you will want a hat and gloves, especially for the little ones. if we will go from the 20's this morning with wind chills in the teens to low 40's this afternoon with sunshine. in the 20's again tonight with a light wind. tomorrow it looks like high temperatures around 50 degrees, a little warmer, near average. we will cover about the rain this weekend, straight ahead. now to lisa baden. i like hearing adam caskey
5:41 am
talk about the little ones because now he has two little ones. moving nicely, more of your neighbors on the road, to 70 out of urbana toward hyattstown, moving at a good pace. in-- 270. there's a delay out of woodbrige before the occoquan. there's a tract near where the free state law used to being on 450 at mill spring drive. metro will on all service. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41. >> coming up, how charlie sheen's media tour turned ugly. >> if we don't get it done, we will let the fans down. >> time is running out.
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will be o
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of the clock 44 on this thursday. the university of maryland is dealing with. of alleged hazing scandals. sorority was suspended after seven of its members were accused of attacking a pledge. the school has suspended planned activities pending the results of this. yesterday there was an attack on u.s. air and at the frankfurt airport. two died and too others wounded. the man is in custody and is expected to be in court today. the man convicted of assassinating robert kennedy during his 1968 presidential campaign will stay in prison. the parole board in california denied his request for freedom. he says that he does not
5:46 am
remember shooting presidenkenne. the clock is ticking to reach a deal on a new labor contract in the nfl. if no deal is reached by tonight, the worst-case scenario could be no pro football next season. now the latest. >> in the long battle between the nfl and the players' union, will there be a hail mary pass before time runs out? at midnight tonight the current nfl labor contract expires. it seems likely that the owners will move to lock the players. that means no spring practice and potentially note 2011 season. both sides have been meeting in washington program a week trying firstert the nfl's lockout since 1987. >> it would let down the fans. >> one issue is money and the
5:47 am
second is the schedule. the nfl wants to add two more regular-season games. the players say that increases their risk of injury and they deserve compensation. this looks like a fight between billionaire owners and millionaire athletes at face value. nfl players explain what it would mean for nfl cities. >> this would hurt your parking lot attendants, restaurants, hotels, everybody in your city. >> the players still have one option, to dissolve the union. that would prevent the team owners from locking them out, but it opens up a legal can of worms and could affect football in the fall. abc news, washington. the ohio state senate approved a bill that affects collective bargaining rights for teachers and other public employees. the legislation calls also for fines and still time for public
5:48 am
employees taking part in strikes. there have been protests similar to those seen in wisconsin. looking to the national cherry blossom festival. we are about to learn when the blossoms are expected to reach their peak bloom. there's a news conference this morning. officials will discuss this year's festival and the predicted peak a bloomingdale's. they are usually really close, usually pretty good about that, the national park service. so we can start planning spring. >> i love the terry blossoms. today it does not feel like spring. it is chilling, but that is march. those like spring one day and feels like winter the next day. >> yesterday was nice. >> it was perfect, mid 60's. >> when i left yesterday upset i was falling through.
5:49 am
>> yesterday morning there was the nice moonrise and the sun rise. the moon rise today, let's see if we can get it on this camera. i don't see it. it's only about 2% illuminated right now, so it is difficult to see. we will keep an eye on this. maybe we will see what really this morning like yesterday. sunrise at 6:38 we have 11 hours and 20 minutes of daylight today. by the 31st we can add another hour to that. over 12.5 hours of daylight by the end of this month. began an hour between now and the end of the month. a beautiful picture over the bay with a few scattered clouds. let's talk temperatures. i stepped outside 10 minutes ago for the last forecast. it woke me up.
5:50 am
once the wind accelerates between the buildings in rosslyn, you don't need a cup of coffee. it is chilly. 28 downtown, 21 in gaithersburg, 19 in frederick, 20 in hagerstown, 21 in cumberland. when you factor in the wind, it feels much colder. it feels like 13 in hagerstown, 15 in chantilly, 24 in lexington park. there's a still in the area today. it will be cold today compared with yesterday, 20 degrees colder than yesterday afternoon for the high temperatures. clear skies overhead. we will have sunshine and warm you up in the direct sunlight. a lot of sunshine today, 42 degrees for the afternoon high spirits northerly winds shifting to the east and dying down later on today. partly cloudy tomorrow, starting
5:51 am
the day in the 20's, rising to nearly 50 degrees. up to two inches of rain possible to throughout the day on sunday. a car has rolled over on the beltway. this is near old georgetown road. police typically looked at both sides of the beltway. it is reported to be on the inner loop before the exit for old and georgetown road. let's go downstream a little on the beltway at bradley boulevard, no flashing lights there yet. this is the initial report. let's go to one more camera. that is virginia, northbound 395 is the left side of your screen heading toward us, leading springfield and on the way to the pentagon. traffic at 395 edsall road looks good. in alexandria there's a big water main break on edsall road and its closed between van dorn street and pickett street.
5:52 am
back to you. >> thank you. 5:51. there's a battle heating up between hollywood studios and directv. >> international tourism increases and we have some exotic destinations for this year. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york to tell us about. >> the amount. direct tv's plan to offer movies as soon as a month after a day have a theatrical debut, setting the stage for renewed confrontation between hollywood studios and owners. showing the movies for weeks to six weeks -- 4 to 6 weeks after the release, this would hurt ticket sales that will be in theaters. .rocery's climbed to records in global food prices will probably
5:53 am
rise in the first half of this century in part because of an expanding population and higher incomes. i don't know if you like exotic vacations. some of the top 10 destinations in 2011. swimming with sharks in south africa is on the list, touring the ruins of machu picchu as well. that is expected to increase worldwide this year. live that blumberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 28 degrees on this thursday. >> we will be
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
here we go again. [laughter] cannot get enough of them. charlie sheen says that he will fight to win custody of his sons. his estranged wife got a restraining order against him. he told a just that -- she told the judds that he threatened to decapitate her and that she feared for her children. his bizarre behavior and media blitz is generating plenty of
5:57 am
fodder for comedians. a british comedian says that he he would agree to host the "golden globes" again only if charlie sheen with coast billboards show. >> that would be a train wreck. now he has 1 million followers. >> $1.1 million of twitter. >> the only open that twitter account two days ago. >> there were more than 500,000 as soon as the open did within one day. >> i've heard people say they are sick of charlie sheen. >> people are interested to see what he says on twitter, his antics. this is a great story. we told you about a local teenager and now he is the deputy team tournament champion. -- jeopardy teen tournament champion. raynell cooper r is a senior at richard montgomery high school
5:58 am
in rockville. he hopes to attend george washington university and use his winnings for tuition, to buy a car, and to give to charity. >> something tells me this will help his college application. >> i agree. congratulations to him. >> great for rockville and our area. coming up on this thursday morning, big bucks for a piece of justin bieber's famous name. >> a gunma [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪
5:59 am
♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. what's in your wallet?

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